Title: Pandemic Emergency in Social Perspective. Evidence from a large Web-survey research (PEPS-8)

Research question:

The primary objective of our study is to explore the social and psychological impact of the pandemic COVID-19 during the lockdown and social distancing period.

Type: Gruppo di ricerca


The study is involging 8 European countries (Italy, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic). We are conducting an exploratory and observational study through the administration of an online survey. We are adopting a snowballing technique in order to collect as many questionnaires as possible. Our goal will be to recruit a sample of citizens in each country (at least 1,000 for each country).
A total of 31 questions cover the following areas:
● Demographic information: gender, age, marital status, employment status, family, number and age of children living at home, living conditions, residential area;
● COVID-19 experience: safety and precautionary measures adopted to reduce the risk of contagion, social relationship during the quarantine, health emergency duration expectations, post-COVID scenario prevision, personal testing and outcome for COVID-19, loss of relatives or friends due to COVID-19;
● COVID-19 and media source information: level of information perceived, information sources and channels;
● COVID-19 risk perception: fear of getting sick, general and personal concern regarding the virus;
● Lifestyle behaviours: diet, alcohol, and tobacco consumption during the pandemic, physical activity;
● Perceived Stress: the 8-item version of Personal Health Questionnaire Depression Scale (PHE-8)
● Health condition: chronic health conditions, general health status, daily activity abilities.

Start: Mar – 2020


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