Title: Global threats in the Anthropocene: from COVID-19 to the future

Type: Call for publication


Call for Book Chapters “Geographies of the Anthropocene” book series (Il Sileno Edizioni)

“Global threats in the Anthropocene: from COVID-19 to the future”

Edited by Leonardo Mercatanti (University of Palermo, Italy), Stefano Montes (University of Palermo, Italy),

The 2020 pandemic offers food for thought and an opportunity for humanities and science scholars who research our global condition to collaborate. The society of 21st century is facing an unprecedented challenge right now: What can we learn from this challenge? Will everything really return to what we have defined as ‘normal’ before at the end of the emergency? Most likely not. Structural changes from political, economic, social, and environmental perspectives are already occuring, and impacting the fields of health, education, commerce, governance and travel. Concepts of social space are being redefined and rethought at various scales. Our society, unprepared for a global health emergency of this scale, has been engaged only partially in practices of mitigation and sustainability and we now realize the fragility of our planetary existence.

In this volume of “Geographies of the Anthropocene” we intend to study the new geo-anthropological scenarios that lie ahead in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis. Main research topics are:

Local experiences of territorial resilience;
Mobility and environment;
Geoethics, zoonosis, loss of biodiversity and anthropic activities;
Tourism and pandemic;
Old and new forms of marginality;
Redefine the society/societies;
Think and rethink everyday life;
Old and new forms of security and freedom;
Forms of spontaneous and requested solidarity;
New forms of sociality and rituals;
Scientific disputes;
Distance learning, virtual interaction and social recreation;
Domestic and working life;
Ethnographies and emergency psychologies for an anthropology of health.

Important dates:

July 15, 2020: Book Chapter Proposal deadline

July 31, 2020: Acceptance / Rejection Notification;

October 31, 2020: Full Chapter Submission;

December 31, 2020: Review notification;

February 28, 2021: Final version chapter submission;

April 2021: Final e-book version available;

Submission Procedure:

Interested authors should submit their proposals (max 500 words) by July 15, 2020, explaining the main topic and the objectives of the chapter. The manuscript proposals (Word or PDF) must be sent by email to the following address: geographiesofanthropocene@gmail.com. Acceptance/Rejection notification will be sent to the authors by July 31, 2020.

After the acceptance notification, authors should submit full chapters by October 31, 2020 formatting their manuscripts following the Editor’s guidelines: http://www.ilsileno.it/geographiesoftheanthropocene/editorialguidelines/

The manuscript word count must be between 4500 – 6000 words. This includes tables, illustrations, references, etc. All submissions will be reviewed in a double-blind manner.

First Deadline: Luglio 15, 2020


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